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Valais Blacknose Sheep

Often referred to as the “cutest sheep in the world” these exceptional looking sheep with their curly forelocks, black face and ears, spotted knees and hocks originate in the mountains of the Valais region of Switzerland. In  addition to their attractive appearance, they have what others have described as “utterly charming” personalities and are very friendly.

Embryos were first imported into NZ from England in 2017 and in 2018 Lynley started her breed-up program. Using English Leicesters as her foundation ewes, they produced the first F1 cross ewes (50% Valais Blacknose and 50% English Leicester) in the spring of 2018 on Beechdale Farm. In 2019 those first F1 ewes were mated to a Pure Valais Blacknose Rams to produce F2 lambs (75% VB 25% EL) and so the breed up program continues. After 4 generations F4 ewes are classed as pure and F5 rams are classed as pure. In August 2022 Lynley hopes to have her first pure VB ewe lambs.

They can grow up to 30cm of wool a year and it has a white shiny look. The staple curls have a spiraling shape rather than being wavy like other long wool breeds and some curls are long and open while others are quite small. They are shorn twice per year. The fibre has an average micron of 38 and the lambs 28 micron.

The Cutest Sheep in the World